P. David Blahut

Web Developer | iOS Developer

P. David Blahut

Web Developer | iOS Developer

About Me

I have been a Web Application Developer for nearly 15 years’ working for Naylor Association Solutions in Winnipeg. I have built many mobile-friendly web applications and email templates that helped sharpen my skills with front-end technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I also helped design and program back-end systems using technologies such as Classic ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, SQL and REST APIs.

I have recently completed an iOS Developer course and I'm looking for opportunities to exercise these new skills.

Skills / Technologies / Frameworks

Web Developement

  • Classic ASP
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript (ES6)
  • jQuery/jQueryUI
  • SQL Databases

iOS Developement

  • XCode/Swift
  • UIKit
  • API/JSON Parsing
  • Cloud base backend (Firebase/Authentication)
  • Core Data
  • Realm Data
  • In-app purchases
  • CoreML (Machine Learning)
  • ARKit/SceneKit (Augmented Reality)


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • WordPress
  • GitHub


Naylor ContentConnect (eNewsletter Content Managment System)

I designed and built several versions of a Content Managment System (CMS) that allowed clients to create mobile friendly newsletters using pre-built templates that they could schedule and send to their member base. The system was built using various technolgies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SOAP APIs, REST APIs, Microsoft SQL, ASP Classic (in previous CMS versions), ASP.NET (in current CMS version).

On average, the system was responsible for sending approximately 1.25 million emails per week.

login screen mailing queue dashboard Editor Tool

Email Newsletters

Over the years, I have developed thousands of email templates for use in our marketing CMS as well as our main client newsletter CMS. These templates ranged from very simple to more complex template that included more advanced features such as multi-column layouts, table of contents and user question polls.

Newsletter - VPT Mobile Newsletter - VPT Newsletter - VPT Mobile Newsletter - VPT

Todoey - iOS Project

Todoey was a classroom project that taught the basics of UICore and Realm databases to create persistant data. It also incorporated the use of third-party libraries using Cocoapods Package Manager.


SeeFood - iOS Project Machine Learning

Another classroom project, this app focused on CoreML (machine learning). It's objective is to use machine learning to identify whether a photo contains a hotdog or not. It also taps into the UIImagePickerController to gain access to the user's camera.

Twittermenti - iOS Machine Learning

Twittermenti was another excercise in machine learning that focused on natural language processing. The user would enter a Twitter hashtag or user name into a search box. Then, using Twitter's API, the app would fetch the 100 latest Tweets matching the search criteria and woud score each one based on if it "thought" it was positive (+1), neutral (0) or negative (-1) in tone. An emoji would then be displayed to convey the Twitterverse's sentiment on the topic.

Twittermenti 1 Twittermenti 2

Poke-AR - iOS Augmented Reality

This class project explored ARKit (augmented reality) to place a virtual Pokémon character on top of the Pokémon playing card of that same character.

Pokemon AR